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Hal Ellis: One of Aida's older brothers.

Hamilton Anglistan: One of Magdeline & Soren's triplets.

Heather Dolani: Dr. at research center in Geneva & good friend of Magdeline.

Heidi Dolani: Heather's 3 yrr. old daughter.

Henri Saville: French/ Swiss agent.

Ivan Noostrom: Swedish Scientist, Berna's son, married to Eliza.

Jack Wilson: Sophie's cousin, Skater, nick's best friend & loves Alice.

Jenek Fyodorov: Slavic truck driver.

Jill Palisse: Serena's friend who works at boutique.

Johnson Wang: Chinese investigator who sent Shane hair sample.

Jonas Noostrom: Ivan & Eliza's 3 yr. old son.

Johnathan Meschner: Meschner's 3rd son.

Jordan, Caleb: Dr. who was Sophie's pediatrician.

Josephine Chedaux: Lily O'Hare's sister.

Kasper Dolani: Heather's 7 yr. old son.

Katelin Augustine: French police officer, worked with Larry before.

Katerina Paslov: Scientist working at P2P.

Katz, Philip: French agent working with Shane & Larry.

Kenneth McDougle: One of Shane & Patricia's twins.

Kevin Kennedy: Man in Venice.

Kristor Renete': Jonathan.

Larry Marquet: French Officer, liaison to INTERPOL & Shane's friend.

Laura Cappenelli: P2P wife working in nursery.

Laura Sartre: French chef, had relationship with Carl.

Laya Hjort: Aida's friend.

L'Coure, Peter: Canadian officer in Quebec.

Lenard Zellar: Janitor at Scangentech.

Leona Himminger: Sebastian's mother.

Leti Waters: Waitress, Serena's cousin.

Lewis Calloway: Security guard at Quebec hospital.

Lidia Yarnok: Detective in Seattle.

Lily O'Hare: Adopted mother to Sophie, Nigel's wife, Josephine's sister & Anne's cousin.

Louisa Jensen: P2P wife who works in nursery.

Magdeline Anglistan: Dr./ Scientist in Switzerland, married to Soren and mother of triplets.

Marianne Oppenhiem: Assistant nurse with Nurse Adelphi.

Marcia Le'Bonte: Ralph's wife.

Marcus Timmor: French police officer, partnered with Katelin.

Matt Rafferty: Nick's brother.

Margot Marquet: Larry's wife.

Marshall, Thomas: Missionary & half brother to Dr. Meschner.

Marshall, Tom: Doctor and son to Thomas Marshall.

Mary Marquet: Larry & Margot's daughter.

Mathias Meschner: Dr. Meschner's oldest son.

Max Rossier: Charice's boyfriend, ex-military.

Mave Lentil: Kitchen help at lodge in Switzerland.

Mel Hensey: Adam Hisdak's wife.

Mellinia Raiden: In photograph with Dr. Erikson.

Meschner: Evil professor of genetics.

Michael Trent: Friend of Martinson's, married to Stephanie.

Miguel DeSantis: Sebastian's father.

Mikial Bowser: Hisdak's gorilla like henchman.

Mindy Sellers: Matt's fiancee.

Mirea Giuldelpo: Jenek's sister.

Monica Campuso: Brazilian psychologist.

Nadier, Howard: Project lead who worked with Meschner.

Nanci Chee: P2P wife who works in nursery.

Nathaniel Marks: In photo with Dr. Erikson.

Ned Luvan: Helicopter pilot at cabin.

Nick Rafferty: Jack's best friend & coach, in love with Sophie.

Nigel O'Hare: Scientist & former teacher, Sophie's dad.

Nolan Teerk: Aida's friend at the local train station.

Oliveria Volkov: P2P security.

Oscar Noostrom: Swedish scientist in cryogenic state, Ivan's dad & Berna's husband.

Patricia McDougle: Shane's wife, mother of Kenneth & Daniel

Peter's, Jonas: Dr. at Halifax hospital.

Pollina Chedaux; Sophie's teenage cousin, Amber's sister.

Poppie Manella: Housekeeper in Brazil.

Prisilla Franco: Works front desk at Quebec hotel.

Pudding: Anne's butterscotch colored kitten.



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